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About Hippo Travelling
This blog is devoted to travelling, information about places to visit, tips and advice on smart hotel and avia booking. 

Agoda - the best system for booking a hotel worldwide
There are many other hotel booking websites. Why I recommend using Agoda
1. Fast, secure and trustworthy system 
2. Prices for hotels are very competitive in comparison with those offered by other booking websites
3. Over 170 000  hotels worlwide waiting to be booked
4. Rewards program - receive back 4-7% from your booking price and spend them for your future hotel bookings
5. Friendly, easy-to-understand booking interface in your language and currency. 
6. 24/7 customer support system
7. Agoda best price guarantee

After testing several other popular booking systems, myself and my friends, who travel a lot, found Agoda the best tool to book your hotel